Ga Ga for Garmin!!!!!

For about a year I have wanted a Garmin Forerunner. I have a Nike + that I use right now to track my distance and pace, but I know that the + isn’t 100% accurate because I have used it in races in the past and it has always been a little short. But, I kept using it because Garmins are expensive and for “serious runners” only. Then, I signed up for my first full marathon. Does that make me a “serious runner?” I hope so, because I just purchased the Garmin Forerunner 305!!!

I looked at Garmins last weekend at a running store and since then have been totally obsessed with researching them. After studying up for 5 days, I finally broke down and decided on the 305. I chose the 305 because it got good reviews, will be easy to use for both running and biking AND the price was right. (Amazon’s prices were about $100 less than in the store!) It also comes with a heart rate monitor which I think will be a good addition to my training. I can’t wait to try it in 5-8 business days!!!


2 responses to “Ga Ga for Garmin!!!!!

  1. I can’t wait to hear how much you love it! It looks awesome!

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