Day Eight

This morning I ran 4 miles around Lake Somerset in Michigan with my friends’ uncle. He is an experienced marathoner and runs about 5-6 miles, 5 days a week. It was great to run with someone who was knowledgeable. I asked questions about training the entire time and he gave me lots of good pointers. The run itself was tough! I am used to running on the lakepath (ie:flat) and it has not been 77 degrees so far this year. It was hot and hilly but I survived!

This leads me to my next few points about running while traveling:

-Running can be done anywhere: as long as you have access to a GPS device or a computer, you can map out your run.

-Running is a great way to explore new scenery! What a great way to sightsee.

-Training is time-consuming but has to become your priority. Tell as many people as you can and publicise that you are running. Then you will be held accountable and may even find someone to run with!

-No excuses!!! Stick to your training plan and always bring your shoes with you. I tried out my new shoes today. Review to follow.

I am off to rest up for a short work week. I enjoyed the weekend and am proud of myself for getting a run in. Happy Memorial Day!


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