Farmer’s Market Thursday!

Today on my lunch break I took a stroll to the Farmer’s Market to pick up some goodies!


It was a great break and a perfect way to spend my lunch.


My finds!


Clockwise from the top-sugar snap peas, cauliflower, peonies, cherries, baby squash, gooseberries (new to me!) and more baby squash. Yum!

Some Tips for Farmer’s Markets:
-Bring a bag! The re-useable grocery bags that are popular right now are perfect. They are easy to stash your finds as you buy so you have one hand free to browse.
-Bring cash and give yourself a budget! I usually give myself $20 and this is usually enough for the majority of my produce for the week.
-Don’t go with a list or plan! This is very uncharacteristic for me. But, I like to use Farmer’s Markets to try new things and eat with the seasons. So, I look around and get what looks good then plan the rest of my grocery shopping off of what I got at the market.
-Have fun! I think Farmer’s Markets are relaxing, interesting and inspiring!


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