Getting Over the Hump

It was a beautiful day here in Chicago and I had no choice but to run! I have been slacking the last few days and generally not motivated. So I did two things.

First, I got to fundraising! I started out by posting “I have less than three months to go. My goal is to reach $1,000 by the end of the day. I am currently at $975. Come one come all, donate!!!” By the end of the day, I had far surpassed $1,000-I made it to $1,315!!! Then I finally sent out an e-mail to my coworkers, family and friends to get the word out. I got a few more donations today and am now at $1,360. Instant motivation? I think so!

Second, I got out there and ran. I ran a mile to my friend Cassie’s place, a former Bronco teammate. She hadn’t run in awhile and asked me to push her to do two miles. So we ran one mile, walked a half and ran another mile. Way to go Cassie!!!


I ran the extra mile home, plus a little bit for a total of 5.8 overall with at least 4 miles of running. Yeah!!!

To be honest, this morning I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought of running 26.2 miles. Now? I think it’s possible. All I have to do is use my resources and remember why I am running this, LiveHalfFull and look on the bright side of life-I can do this!


3 responses to “Getting Over the Hump

  1. ahh I love and miss cassie! Wish I could run with you guys!

  2. p.s. did you know that I am almost 21 mentor? thats scary, isnt it. Also, I jumped/skated for the first time today and am finally motivated to lose some pounds. your blog is seriously motivating me! I want to run a marathon!

  3. I love it and thanks!!! Come visit soon and we’ll run together! 🙂

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