Blazing Hot 13.1

Bright and early this morning I headed to Indepence Grove for a run with my running buddy, Denise! We had 12 miles on our training schedule but decided to shoot for 13, and then decided to tack on another another 0.1 miles to make it a half marathon!


Denise stretching after a mile…


At 6 miles, we took a “frosting” break and ate a mocha flavored Clif Shot. We also drank a mini gatorade which we filled with water three more times before we were done. I usually drink only a small amount of water, but today I couldn’t get enough. It was hot!


We pushed ourselves through a hot 13.1 miles and took a lot of walking breaks to stay cool. Mentally, we felt amazing the entire time! About 10 miles in Denise’s knee was hurting and my shins were getting sore. But there was no way we were stopping!


We finished our run strong and were proud, hot and dripping with sweat. Yum!


We treated ourselves to the best Frappachino I have ever had. 🙂

When I got home I iced my shins, re-fueled with some eggs, bacon and toast and relaxed on the couch for a bit. Now I am feeling good. Off to see Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field. I bought the tickets for Rich for his 30th Birthday-what a great reward and end to our weekend!


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