July Recap/August Goals

July was my second month of training and man was it a whirlwind! July began with my engagement, followed by a promotion at work and everything in between. It has been crazy, but in a good way! Of course, I am a perfectionist and things can always do better. There is always another goal that can be reached!

So, lets go over my goals for July:

  • Do all five of my long runs (there are 5 weekends in July!)-check! I am very proud of this. My weekends are the busiest time and the only time I can see my fiance,relax and I like to get a lot accomplished and running has to be a priority or else I won’t do it. So I am proud of this!
  • Send out all fundraising e-mails within the first three weeks of the month-Done! And, my fundraising has gone from $800 at the beginning of July to $2,075 as of today. Amazing! I am so lucky to have all of this support!
  • Focus more on everything but the long run-my short runs during the week, cross-training cardio, strength and yoga. My ideal week would include 2 short runs, 1 cross-training cardio day, 1 strength day, 1 long run, 1 day of yoga and 1 rest day. I would like to keep to this as close as possible.-This is where I am struggling and where I need to focus in the upcoming month. The past month has been busy and since I cannot form a routine, I need to do the best I can.
  • Get back on track with eating. It is Summer and I am having fun, but I need to think of myself as an athlete and fuel accordingly. I know that what I eat affects my work outs immensely, so this is something I need to include as a focus in my training.-This can also use some work, but I can always improve what I eat. I do feel balanced-but of course, could make better choices sometimes. Maybe less ice cream, but maybe not. 🙂
  • Last but not least, choose to think positively. It has been said that running is mainly mental and I agree 100%. If I believe it, I can achieve it. Enough said.-I am doing well with getting through my long runs using positive thinking. BUT, there is a lot going on and I am tending to get overwhelmed. I keep reminding myself to take things day by day.

And now. some goals for August:

  • Do all four long runs. This is the one aspect of training that I have been doing perfectly. I plan my week around my long run, and although it gets in the way sometimes, those sacrifices are worth it because I get it done!
  • Meet my fundraising goal! I am so close. Once I input the checks I have recieved, I will be only $825 away from my goal. I can do it!
  • Cut down the excuses during the work week. This has been a huge struggle for me. There is a LOT going on in my life and there are always excuses to be had, but maintaining my training during the week has to be a priority.
  •  Be proud of myself! This is a struggle for me as well. I can always be better, more productive, more successful and work harder. I need to remember what I have accomplished, what I will accomplish and stop being so hard on myself!

Happy August 2nd! Today marks 13 months until I get married and only a few weeks before I turn 25! Its going to be another busy month, so time for me to remember why I am doing this! Wish me luck!






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