Weekend Break

Once in college, my friend Val and I ran into an older woman at a college bar and she gave us some unsoliticed advice. “Its the week-end, not the work-end! She screamed as she stumbled towards the bathroom sink. Looking back, this lady was wiser than I realized.

This weekend, I took a break from everything and am so happy I did. Too often I lose myself in the to-do lists of life and forget how important is to take time to relax.

The weekend was filled with:

-A phone consultation with our wedding caterer (she is awesome!), stumbling upon a stationery store and getting very excited that our wedding plans are falling into place

-A cookout at a friends’ house, ice cream at  George’s and walk exploring Andersonville (note to self, eat at Acre)  

-A leasiurely brunch at Hot Chocolate (I have wanted to go there for a very long time, post to follow!)

-A gift of new running shorts at  Lululemon Bucktown  (revew to follow once I run in them!)

-A trip to the Ikea-eque Lincoln Park Whole Foods to stock up for the week

-A relaxing Sunday night of wine and cooking up some Cod, Kale and rice for dinner.  For dessert was Bethenny’s Faux Cheesecake

-Also, a lot of sleeping and a great new book (review to follow soon)

What didn’t I do? Run. But, in all honestly I needed a break from life. So much is going on but I was overwhelmed to the point of forgetting to enjoy it all. This weekend was a great reminder of what a great point in my life I am in. Tomorrow, I will get right back on track recharged and remotivated.

Here’s to a new week!

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