Why I Work Out

I’m not going to lie to you, more often then not, I am not naturally motivated. I’m a naturally optimistim and positive person, but with working out I am an expert at finding excuses. I’m tired, hungry, not feeling well, too busy, have other plans, too lazy, more concerned with sitting on the couch, etc.

On those days (aka most days), I think about all the reasons why I like to work out and how I will benefit. Today was a great motivation day. It was beautiful outside, I had a friend to run with and I had no excuse not to run. So, I decided to create a list for myself for the next time I try to find an excuse to run. (aka tomorrow)

1. Working out makes my day seem better overall. No matter what happens that day, that time is a time for me to decompress and get out all of my stress.

2. Usually, if something is bothering me-its decreased or gone away by the time I’m done working out.

3. When I work out, I sleep through the night. Plain and simple.

4. Once I get there, I actually enjoy working out.

5. There are many physical benefits to working out. Decreased stress, outside apperance, benefits to your overall health.

6. Oh, did I mention once I start working out I like it?

7. When in doubt, I use the puke rule. As a synchronized skater growing up, there was a general rule for being sick and missing practice. If you aren’t puking, you show up. Broken leg? Sit on the side and watch. Cold? Sit on the side and watch? Get the picture? Basically, no excuses.

When that doesn’t work I motivate myself with rewards. Usually that involves food, an activity or something I will do for myself. I read other health blogs to get inspiration. And I call upon my arsenal of friends and family to tell me to go workout. My Dad? He’s ruthless. Rich? He’s definitely learned how to push me! This week he promised me that if I stuck to my workout schedule, on Friday night we can watch the movie of my choice. A challenge? I’ll take it! 🙂

Also, something recently that has motivated me to workout is this blog! When I share what I am doing, it holds me accountable to actually do something worth sharing about. Today? I did a 4 mile run and feel great about it.

Now I want to know who’s reading my blog! My readership has increased in the past few weeks, so I want to know. Who is out there and what motivates you to work out? Share with me please!


5 responses to “Why I Work Out

  1. Alan Fredendall

    Mainly so I can eat bad food now and again (especially beer) without gaining weight.The endorphins released while running keep my knees from aching the rest of the day. I sleep awesomely.

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  3. Hey Katie!! I’ve been following your blog for the last few weeks–I really enjoy reading updates about you and your intense work outs have inspired me to start back up again running more! I’d say my motivation is mainly because, when I work out regularly, I just feel better. Less tired, more able to move, just more in tune with my body.

    • Hey Jamie! I am glad you have been following my blog! I’m also glad you have started running more. Have you decided to run a race? I think that’s the main thing that holds me accountable. 🙂

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