Wednesday Inspiration

One thing I forgot to mention in my post yesterday about Why I Work Out was the motivation of music! All solo runs that I do, I run with my I-pod. When I go to spin classes at the gym, the music can make or break a class. Music is important and can be a great way to get yourself going when you need to pick up the pace.

I was recently introduced to the website Jog-FM, a cool site that gives you a listing of songs based on your jogging pace. Try it out-it will give you new songs to add to your running playlist.

I will be adding Maroon Five and Christina Aguleria’s new song “Moves like Jagger” to my playlist this week. Its been stuck in my head for days so I may as well listen to it while I run! Enjoy-and I applogize in advance if it gets stuck in your head as well.

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