14 Mile Sunday

Its been a great weekend. Yesterday, I spent the day in Madison, WI tasting beer at the Great Taste of the Midwest! (more about this later)

This afternoon Denise and I got together for our long run and headed to Independence Grove to bust out 14 miles. (where we have run before here and here) The run could not have gone more perfect-the weather was beautiful, we felt great, fueled perfectly, hydrated well and stayed positive throughout our run. This was a personal record distance for both of us. The feeling when we got to 13.2 miles was amazing!

Here are some things that helped us get through our run successfully:
-FUEL! Today we started our run with a Honey Stinger waffle pre-run. We also ate 1/2 of a packet each of Honey Stinger chews at mile 5 and 10. It has taken us awhile to figure it out, but this was the perfect amount of fuel. We never lost energy and felt tired at the end but were able to finish strong.
-MIND GAMES! We used a lot of long runs to get through our run. We broke the run into chunks. First a 5K, water break, run until 5 miles, fueling break, run until 7 miles, water break, run until 10 miles, fueling break, and then it got tough so it was all about the mind games. The last 4 miles we walked for 0.2, ran for 0.3. This strategy made the run go by very quickly!
-HYDRATION! Like I said, we took water breaks. We also planned our loops based on the water fountains and made sure we could stop when we were getting low. This worked!
-FOLLOW THE PLAN! This was key. This week was the first week we both followed the training plan perfectly. Our legs felt good and strong.
-WHEN IN DOUBT, DISTRACT!!! We distracted ourselves in many ways. Sometimes we pick a topic to talk about. Sometimes we focus on “rewards” for making it to the next milestone. (cherry chews at 10!) Sometimes we chose things to focus on, like breathing. Whatever works to make the run go by fast!

All in all we learned a lot and are feeling very strong and well trained. Oh, and another thing we used to motivate ourselves-matching t-shirts. We got a lot of funny looks, but it was nice to remember why we were running.


Team JDRF!!!

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