Rest Days and the Little Things

Yesterday my knees were a tiny bit sore so I took a rest day from working out. I used my free night to go to the grocery store to stock up for the week, since my eating is something I have been focusing on while training. (see my goals here and here)

I then spent a quality hour and a half in the the kitchen prepping meals for the week. I chopped up all my veggies and cut up my fruit, hard boiled some eggs and made Greek Chicken Salad from How Sweet it Is for lunch.

And I swear, my salad looks just like this.

This morning sometime around 11:30am I realized I forgot to add the feta to the salad. Fail. Then I remembered I had left some feta in my office fridge about a month ago. Expiration date? 10/11/11. I almost jumped for joy but contained myself. Fail averted! It’s the little things people!

Enjoy your afternoon!


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