August Recap/September Goals

August came and went with the blink of an eye!  This month was another whirlwind-wedding planning began in full force, I started my new role at work and I turned 25 on Monday!

This month was a bit of a struggle for me to stay motivated. When in doubt, I remember why I am doing this and remember that failure is not an option. he only thing I can do is move forward and keep working at my goal!

Let’s go over my August goals:

  • Do all four long runs. This is the one aspect of training that I have been doing perfectly. I plan my week around my long run, and although it gets in the way sometimes, those sacrifices are worth it because I get it done! This was unfortunetly something I slacked on. I skipped one long run and shortened the distance on another. My current distance PR is 14 miles.  All is not lost, but I need to step it up and finish strong.
  • Meet my fundraising goal! I am so close. Once I input the checks I have recieved, I will be only $825 away from my goal. I can do it! Now I am only $140 away from my original goal of $3,000. I raised my goal to $5,000. I’m not sure if I can get there, but I have to aim big!
  • Cut down the excuses during the work week. This has been a huge struggle for me. There is a LOT going on in my life and there are always excuses to be had, but maintaining my training during the week has to be a priority. Actually, this is something that I have improved on this month! Most weeks I have done 2 runs during the week or more. Running with friends has helped!
  •  Be proud of myself! This is a struggle for me as well. I can always be better, more productive, more successful and work harder. I need to remember what I have accomplished, what I will accomplish and stop being so hard on myself! This I have done better on but I think I slacked a bit. This month-I keep myself focused!

And now some goals for September:

  • Four more long runs! I will do this no questions asked. I signed up for the CARA 20 Miler for my last long run. Before that I will do three more long runs. Two weeks of taper, then its race time!
  • Keep plugging away at fundraising and do my very best to reach my new goal!
  •  Keep running during the week, crosstrain, stretch and give myself rest. Stay in shape and get ready to race!!!
  •  My final and main goal? Stay focused. Remember why I am doing this. Run for my Mom, run for me and make everyone proud! No losing sight of my goal, 6 more weeks and I will do this!

38 more days until race day-time to finish strong!






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