16 Mile Labor Day

On the top of my to do list here while I am in Michigan was running! I have to stay on track and I knew getting in my longest run out of the way at the beginning of the week was key. I was a little nervous about doing my long run out of my element in Michigan. I had heard of people running in Hines Park, but was a little weary of running by myself. So, the day before my Dad and I drove the path and mapped out an 8 mile distance and my turn around point. I hydrated and got mentally prepared to run on Monday morning.

On Monday morning it was bit gloomy outside so I slept in. Once I got going I drank some water, had a cup of coffee and a Honey Stinger Waffle. (from my fueling present!) I had a little cold and had been slacking on my runs so I was a bit nervous to run a full 16 miles, but mentally I felt great. I packed up my Ampipod with tissues, 2 packs of Honey Stinger chews, my phone and my ID. Also I carried my water and wore my I-pod and Garmin. I set out with no doubt in my mind and finished the run no problem!

The view from my run the majority of the time-not a lot of other runners, and definitely not a lot of of other female runners (I saw three others, one was wearing a Boston Marathon 2011 shirt-does this mean I am that hardcore? I would say yes!)

Since I was nervous to run alone and run on an unfamiliar path, my Dad drove by and checked in on me at mile four and Rich checked in around mile eight before I turned around. It was much appreciated, as the majority of my run was very secluded and at times I was a bit bored and lonely! I was smart about my run, when I was hidden from view on the path, I ran on the shoulder of the road where I could be seen.

He may or may not have been blasting 90’s pop music.

As far as the run went, I felt great the entire time. I have fueling and hydration down! I eat a Honey Stinger waffle pre-run and half a packet of chews every hour. As far as water, I drink a lot of water and gatorade the night before and a glass of water before I run. Then, I sip water while I fuel and when I get thirsty. When I got home, I took a 15 minute ice bath with a hoodie on and a glass of tea-it helped tremendously because today I am barely sore.

I think I have this long run process down finally! Only 4 more weeks of training until race week-I am nervous but am getting very excited! My attitude? Staying strong! 🙂


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