It all began with a 5K…

This morning, our engagement photos got postponed due to weather. I’ll admit, I have not run since I ran my 16 miles on Monday and I knew if I did not run this morning I would not have time this weekend. So, I used my time wisely and got out there and got it done!

I set out to run a fast 5K and tried to push myself to my limit. It’s amazing to me how short a 5K feels to me now and I’m proud of how far I’ve come since beginning running!

Over the course of the last three months, a lot of people have asked me how I started running. I’m usually taken aback by these questions because I don’t consider myself a runner but my answers are always the same-“I needed a goal” and “I just signed up!”

Blistered but happy after last summer’s Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon.

I remember my first summer out of college attempting and failing at the “Couch to 5K” program several times. I always envied runners and wished I could run a half marathon but never thought I could be that person. Then one day a year later after struggling to find a reason to work out for over a year, I decided I needed a goal. I thought, “why not?” and signed up for my first half marathon and races leading up to it. These would be my “practice.”

 My first half marathon-August 2009!

That summer I ran my first 5K, first 10K and first half marathon.After that? I was hooked. Once I got going, I did not look back. Since then I have run three more half marathons, a few 5Ks, 8ks and 10ks. Now? I will run a full marathon. So my advice? If you’re thinking about running a race-just do it. Sign up, take the first step and never look back!
My last half marathon this spring-it was rainy and windy but I finished!


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