Southport Grocery Secret Supper

Wednesday night I used my night off to attend the Southport Grocery‘s Secret Supper! The SG is my favorite brunch place in Chicago. Once a month, they do a dinner which has an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. There are a limited number of seats for the dinner based on a first come first serve reservation list. They only post the date on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, so when I saw it up, I went for it!

imageMy lovely friend Jen Davis was my date!

imageThe first course was a glazed yellow beet salad made with watermelon, micro greens, beet chips and 5 year old cheddar. I loved the combination of flavors!

imageThe second course was scallop sashimi made with local grapes, avocado and aurora pepper vinaigrette. It was delicious! I love anything with avocado and love scallops. The addition of grapes was very interesting. 

The main course was skate wing served with romanesco, potato-carrot au gratin and a carrot lemongrass emulsion. We both loved this! I had never had romanesco before so that was my favorite part. I would describe it was a combination of broccoli and cauliflower. It was good!

imageThe dessert course was a white grape polenta custard with almond brittle and concord grape sauce. It was interesting but the texture was a little off for us. Still fun to try though!


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