20 Miler Preparation Saturday!

My Saturday was the perfect Chicago fall day!


It began with having breakfast made for me. 🙂


Then Rich and I headed to the Green City Market! I am spoiled living so close to this market. It is a great market and there are always fun events going on. We watched a cooking demo that taught us how to make our own goat cheese! (surprisingly easy!)


Rich searched for cherry tomatoes to put in our dinner salad.


I also found ground cherries! My friend Jen told me about them last week and I was on a hunt to find them. They are best described as a sweet tomato.

We also taste tested some apple varieties. We bought a few different ones we liked!


After the market we stopped by Elizabeth Grace to browse wedding invitations. (I think I found some I like!)


After invitation shopping I found Rich watching Rugby at the bar next door. I had the most delicious beer, Two Brother’s Atom Smasher. (carbo loading!) We stayed and watched the end of the Ireland vs. Australia game before heading home for me to rest.

Denise’s boyfriend Jeremy dropped her off and the four of us had dinner together. I made How Sweet Eats’s Shrimp Scampi , garlic bread and a salad. (using the Farmer’s Market cherry tomatoes) After then men left Denise and I got everything prepped for our run, ordered a cab online for the morning and went to bed!

This morning was a success and we finished the 20 miler strong! Tomorrow I will post a recap of the run…stay tuned. 🙂


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