Farmer’s Market Dinner Friday

Last night Rich made dinner with ingredients 100% from Farmer’s Market. We picked up some pork belly at the Green City Market last Saturday and he picked the rest up from the Libertyville Farmer’s Market on Thursday before work.


Appetizer was horseradish hummus and pita!


Dinner was pork belly confit-Rich brined the pork belly for 72 hours and then slow cooked it on Friday. Yum! Sides were redskin potatoes and sweet corn from the market. So long sweet corn season, can’t wait to see you again!

Oh, and my favorite beer-a Kasteel Rogue. Not from the Farmer’s Market, from Belgium, but delicious as always!


2 responses to “Farmer’s Market Dinner Friday

  1. You have some pretty inspirational things on posts , I love it! You have a great outlook on life!

    Nice to meet you Katie, and thanks for stoping by my blog!

    p.s. I looooooooooove your Hello Kitty Placemat!!!!! ❤

    • Thank you!!! I am posting to keep myself inspired for my first marathon and I hope help others too. I love Hello Kitty!!! My fiancé bought those for me, you know you’ve got a good one when he’s willing to eat dinner on those! 🙂

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