Last Run!

This evening I met up with my friend Cassie for my last run before the marathon on Sunday! This week is taper week which means a 2 mile run and cross training. I plan on getting on the elliptical tomorrow to keep my legs loose and maybe a spin class. All I know is, I feel ready!!!


So, we did 1.5 miles at a fast clip and then walked about 0.5 miles to Bobtail-my favorite ice cream shop in Chicago. Then I walked 0.5 miles home. (p.s. Cassie is going to kill me for this picture! She clearly was not ready)


Bobtail always a featured flavor thats usually fun and innovative. Today’s flavor was Pomme Lambic. It was delicious! I love beer and I love ice cream. I also had some pumpkin in that cup. 🙂

This also explains why I have not lost any weight while training for this marathon! But, weight loss was not my goal. Training was my goal. Now that its race week, I feel like I accomplished it! Just one more long run-26.2 miles.

3 responses to “Last Run!

  1. Go, Katie, go! I’ve loved your updates. This one made me smile. LOVE you.

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