Week of Marathon Thoughts

As the marathon approaches, I’m am definitely feeling mixed emotions. One question everyone has been asking me is how I feel? That’s a tough question to answer! Lots of things on my mind.

-I am very nervous about how I will feel during the race. Especially after 20 miles. Will I have any issues? The 20 miler was fine for me, I was tired and my knees hurt a bit but I was able to push myself. Will I feel the same for 26.2? All I can do now is trust my training!

-I am worried about the weather! There is talk of  75-80 degree weather on Sunday. I do not do well in heat! Regardless, I will finish so I am trying to stay hydrated and rest all week.

-I am anxious about the weekend. This whole week its been very hard to concentrate on anything but the marathon. This weekend my Dad and some family will be in town for the Northwestern vs. Michigan game (and my Dad will stay to watch me race). I’m anxious about having enough rest, what I will eat, how Denise and I will make it to packet pick up, etc.

-I am excited that Rich and my Dad will be at a few points throughout the race and some of my coworkers! I hope I can find them!

-There is a lot to remember so I am trying to be organized. I need to remember to DVR the marathon on TV so I can watch the footage on TV (maybe I will see myself!) and to buy the Chicago Sun Times on Monday where my name will hopefully be printed as a finisher.

-Last but not least, I am in awe of all my donations! And, hopeful I can make it to $5,000. We will see, I am only $300 away!!!

-Oh, and p.s. I AM GETTING SO EXCITED!!!


2 responses to “Week of Marathon Thoughts

  1. YOU can do IT!!YOU know how!! It is EASY!! Just do your best KT!!!!!! Your Mom’s inspiration and positive attitude will power you on sweetheart! All the best ..we are in Chicago for a Wedding soooooooooo may catch you at the race!! Good Luck!

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