Final Preparations!

After we got home we drove immediately into our swag bags!

The t-shirts are awesome! I love when race shirts are actually women’s sized, not just unisex. It makes me happy!


Denise’s bag was a little extra full. She had at least 4 of everything!!!

Check out the comparison!


Then we fueled up with some pasta, chicken and garlic bread! Thanks to Queen Dee for cooking, she’s awesome in the kitchen!


Then we laid out all our stuff.  (From left-gear check bag, coat for the way to the race, shorts, underthings, tank with bibs already on it (we put a bib on our backs with my Mom’s name on it and the JDRF logo-we’re crafty!) and my shoes, with d-tag in place! (for tracking our time)


Also got my Ampipod ready and things to put inside during the race- (IDs, tissues (in a Ziplock so they don’t get sweaty!), Honey Stinger chews (in Ziplock bag for easy access) and chapstick. My accessories-aviators, earrings and new tye dye headband (Denise’s boyfriend Jeremy bought us matching ones!) and my Garmin! (can’t run without it, it keeps my pace!)


Denise laid out her stuff too! Now it’s 9:30pm on the dot and I’m going to get ready for bed. Goodnight!!!


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