Saturday Preparation

My Dad showed up on Friday afternoon and when we got home at night my fridge looked like this. Looks like I’ll be hydrated!


Saturday morning I did a few necessary things. First, I dropped my Dad off at my gym to do a workout. (he is SO committed to working out, like clockwork ,every morning) While he worked out, I did a few necessary errands. First stop, I got my eyebrows threaded. (for pictures of course!)


Next I stopped at Trader Joe’s for some carbohydrate pleasures!


And some other necessities-alredo sauce, lava cakes, you know…


Then I went to Akira and bought myself a marathon gift (or two). Two pairs of Tom’s! I have been wanting some and figured my feet would need a treat after tomorrow.


Last stop was Wallgreen’s for some essentials-more gatorade, chapstick, sunscreen (ultimate sport vs. just sport, it seemed more official) and some Imodium. (I’ve heard this is essential, so we’re taking some in the morning)


Then I got a little anxious and started laying stuff out for the morning. My OCD kicks in when I am nervous! Finally, Denise and Jeremy arrived and I headed downtown to meet them at packet pick-up!


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