When we got home from the race we were absolutely exhausted…

So the boys took a little nap while Denise and I took showers. Spectating is hard work!


Then put on our post-race Run Like El shirts (a gift from my Dad) and headed to Wilde  for a celebratory dinner! I had a blue cheese burger and some mashed potatoes. Unfortunately my stomach didn’t feel 100% yet so I was only able to eat 1/4 of it, but I was able to stomach some pumpkin ice cream pie! 😉

On the way home we stopped at the liquor store to buy some more essentials. (three bags of ice!) When we returned, I got some more post-marathon gifts.


Rich’s Mom made me brownies and my favorite peanut butter bacon cookies for after the race. Also, Rich and his Dad traveled to Wisconsin to get beer from my favorite brewery! My favorite Belgian beer of all time is Furthermore’s Fatty Boombatty. I love fruit beers and I’m excited to try their fall seasonal, Fallen Apple. It’s a cream ale brewed with apple cider!


Then we said goodbye to Denise, Jeremy and Rich. And my Dad passed out immediately on the couch. Its as if he ran a marathon or something!


I plopped on the couch next to him and watched the marathon coverage I had taped from the morning. I got about 30 minutes in, saw the elite runners cross the finish line and then decided to go to bed. I was exhausted!!!


3 responses to “Celebration!

  1. Peanut butter bacon cookies? Hmm, interesting combination. Get the recipe and share.

    I have a stupid question but what does “Run Like El” mean?

  2. I got the recipe from another blog I read-check it out here! http://www.rachelwilkerson.com/2010/02/17/peanut-butter-and-bacon-cookies/

    And, not a stupid question! If you could see our shirts better, you could see the map of the El on our shirts. Since the marathon covered a lot of the El train route!

  3. Ha, got it! Thanks for clarifying and sharing the recipe. Love the shirt though!!

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