October Goal Check-In

Now that the marathon is over, I’m just trying staying focused and figuring out my next step. To say that there is a lot going on in my life is an understatement! I am moving on Saturday to move to the suburbs to begin my life with Rich. I’m excited to begin this new phase of my life and ready to settle in to a new routine!

So, here were my October goals:

  • First and foremost, finish the marathon strong!!!-I would say this was a success! I finished the marathon which was my goal. In the process I raised $5917.40 for the JDRF. I am still blown away I was able to raise this much!
  • Be proud of my first marathon finish.-I’ll admit, I was struggling with this in the beginning because I feel I did not do my personal best. However, my goal was to finish and I did it. Plain and simple. I am proud!
  • Maintain my running shape. My goal is to be able to keep up my running at shorter distances and stay in shape.-To be brutally honest, I haven’t done a formal “workout” since the marathon. I’ve been focused on moving, cleaning and packing. I haven’t gotten lazy, just using my errands and tasks as my workouts I suppose! 
  • Look forward to the changes that will be happening in my life. At the end of October, I am moving to the suburbs to start a new phase of my life. I am excited for new opportunities, new goals and the ability to move to a new phase of my life with a positive attitude!-I’m ready! Its going to be a huge change for me but I am excited to share my life with Rich. He’s on a mission to get healthy too so we can do it together.
  • With a new phase of my life, new goals will be set. I have some ideas in mind, stay tuned!!!-More to come later this week!

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