Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate 5K

After work on Friday I headed over to Union Station to pick up mine and Denise’s packet for the Hot Chocolate 5K!

Hello Union Station!

The expo was really packed. I was on a mission and quickly picked up our packet materials (bib, shirt), perused for free stuff (chocolate!) and got out of there as fast as I could!

Ahh! Crowd!

I hauled over to Ogilvie Train Station (across the street from Union Station) and just made the train to head out to my friend Ashley’s for Girls’ Night!


It was a great night and just what I needed!  All of us had worked all week so a low key night was just what the doctor ordered. Plus, Denise, Kirsten and I were heading downtown at 6:00am to run the Hot Chocolate 5K. We ordered pizza, chatted, drank daiquiris and then watched Bridesmaids. Then I promptly passed out after Maya Ruldolph did her business in the street. 😉

Here we go!

We made great time and were downtown (with a quick stop for coffee) by 7:00am. We parked, used the bathroom and walked over to our corrals. The race was supposed to start at 7:40am but it was delayed by 15 minutes due to a semi accident.

I didn’t take any pictures during the race because I did not bring my phone with me. Even if I did, I don’t think I would have had time to take any! We booked it the entire race. It was very crowded the entire race, so we spent a lot of time dodging in and out of walkers. Both Denise and I have not run a lot (me=none) since the marathon, so our goal was to run the entire race and keep around a 10:00 minute pace. The start and finish lines were the same as the full marathon, so the loop seemed SO SMALL! The miles flew by and before we knew it we were done and finished in 33:24 which is a 10:45 pace. I feel great and am so glad I am still in running shape. Now, I need to keep it up!

VIP access to chocolate? Count us in!

Kirsten works for the Illinois Bone and Joint so afterwards she got us access to the VIP tent. There was a great spread of bagels, fruit, coffee and hot chocolate and a chocolate fountain! We dug right in!

Look at that beauty!

I had a little fun with the chocolate fountain and then we sat and chatted while we ate.

Great post-run breakfast complete with hot chocolate!

A quick photo op and we were out of there!

Great Saturday morning running date with good friends!

I would say it has been an amazing weekend so far! Some quality girl time, a little race, a lot of relaxing today and got a lot done around the condo. Tonight? Rich and I ordered some wings and have been enjoying some couch time. Its our first weekend officially living together so its nice to have some downtime and soak it all in!

Have a great night!


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