Take Time Tuesday

Today, take time to be grateful for the little things that make you happy in your life!

Here are some of the things currently making me happy.

1. I ran an 8:00 minute mile last night! I ran it in the indoor track in the new gym we joined. I had no I-pod or Garmin, just me pushing myself. It worked!

Will run for Chocolate!

2. I completed another race on Saturday! I am grateful I am still in running shape after my month of post-marathon slacking. This is definitely motivating me to start researching spring races.

Modern Day Shakesphere!

3. Love post-it note in my lunchbag! It has been sitting on my desk since Friday making me happy. 🙂

Shiny Slippers for charity!

4. I finally brought out my marathon Tom’s. So cute and so comfortable! I have been rocking them during my commute.

5. I’m grateful that I am getting used to my new routine. I learned my lesson about going to bed early last week so this week have been strict about bedtime. I like the consistency of my days! Rich and I have been great about making dinner at home and going to the gym. Last night we both lifted weights for the first time in a long time. We’re on our way to a routine and getting into wedding shape!

What are you taking time to be grateful for today?


5 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. Nice! I am so in awe of your motivation–I really have issues self motivating! Can you be my life coach haha?

    Also, LOVE those Tom’s! So cute! I want them!

  2. a 8 min mile is pretty awesome…great job rocking it!

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