Wisma Friday

Last night, Rich and I were both in the mood for a night in (this rarely happens, usually one of us wants to go out and the other does not). So, we picked up Horrible Bosses from Redbox and headed to Wisma for some dinner!

Weeeeeeeeee! Organic Winter Wonderland!!!

I was really excited for Wisma to open and counted down the days for its doors to open. I have to say, I was not disappointed! I love the concept-quick, local, sustainable, affordable food to bring home and heat up? I love it!

So many cheeses!

We had a Living Social coupon that we’ve been holding onto, so we had $30 to spend. We spend some time exploring everything and deciding to have some fun while we did!

Happy Friday!

I had a glass of Cabernet and Rich had a beer per usual. A Little Sumpin Sumpin by Lagunitas, one of his go-to beers!

Cheers to Friday!

One really cool part about Wisma is their decor! I love their style but the coolest part is that everything, with the exception of the lights which are from Ikea, is refurbished! Wisma is committed to keeping everything local and sustainable. I would like to hire their designer to come decorate my house!

You Are Beautiful!

I loved this mirror! I’m going to try to recreate it!

Check out that stashe!

They also had a sense of humor. 🙂

The entry way was made out of old window panes!

Those benches were made out of a twin bed!

So many choices!

It took us awhile to decide on our meal but we ended up walking out of there with an appetizer, salad dressing (we had salad makings at home), entree and dessert! Oh and beer! 😉

Hint hint hint to Santa!

On our way out, we saw this at a store nearby! I think it would make a great Christmas gift for a certain blogger!

When we got home, dinner was served immediately!

Appetizer: Toasted Baguette (toasted at home) and Basil Pesto Goat Cheese Smear!

Salad from home with Roasted Tomato Salad Dressing from Wisma-delicious!

For our entree we had the Chicken Confit Lasagna! It was so good that I may or may not had some for breakfast this morning. 🙂

After dinner, we had our dessert which was Flourless Chocolate Cake. We must have ate it too quickly to take a picture. It was delicious! I also had another glass of red wine and Rich had a few more beers.


Horrible Bosses was very funny! I payed attention to the whole movie which is a big deal! I usually multitask. 🙂

Seeing Jennifer Aniston makes me want to go to the gym, as always, so I would say the night was motivating!

Enjoy your Saturday!


3 responses to “Wisma Friday

  1. Looks like a fun night! And yes, celebs like Jen make me want to work out more..but hey, they have all the money in the world and access to top trainers. We do what we can!

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