Monday Check-Up

Happy Monday! This weekend was pretty tame. Friday night was hanging out at a friends’ house for couple’s night, Saturday was filled with errands and house projects and Sunday was filled with the same. I did get a workout in with a trainer, which I loved!

Last week I set the following goals:
-weigh myself tomorrow morning for my “starting weight”-check!
-4 cardio workouts of at least 30 minutes and 2 full body weights workouts-one cardio session and 2 weights workouts…quarter check and check!
-write down what I eat Monday-Friday of this week-Monday and Tuesday, then I fell off-2/5 check!
-drink tons of water!!!-I’ve improved on this so check!

According to my super scientific calculations (7/13 checks), I compleated 54% of my goals last week.

Lesson learned time and time again but I always forget, Rome wasn’t built in a day! (also well worded here) So, instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, I’m focusing on the progress I made and moving along with my week!

Here are this week’s goals:
-Follow up with this week’s weigh in-check!
-Complete at least 2 runs, one other cardio session and 2 days of weights
-Improve on my most recent 5K time in Thursday’s Turkey Trot!
-Continue to blog daily, this holds me accountable and is something I rocked at last week!
-Remember that Thanksgiving is only one day, not a whole week. 🙂

What are you goals this week?


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