Take Time Tuesday

Here are the little things that are making my week this week!

1. My new texting gloves! I found some super expensive ones I was going to put on my Christmas list, but I found these at TJ Maxx for $15. Score!

Cold hands while using my phone during my cold commute? No longer a problem!

2. Go to recipes! Tonight I made this delicious salmon recipe from Real Simple magazine. I’m glad that its posted online because I always go back to it! Also this yummy lemon soup recipe at Rachel Wilkerson‘s blog is another favorite I like to go back to. Yum!

Sidenote-Rich and I also hit our grocery budget for the month! Its a little bit of work but so worth it to be able to stay within budget! We take inventory of what we have, meal plan, read the ads, make our list then keep track of what we buy while we’re at the store. Maybe I should post tips about this soon!

Brown Butter Goodness!

3. I’m happy I am all settled into my new place and my new commute. I’ve gotten into my grove of commuting, preparing meals, working out, etc. and am feeling pretty balanced!

4. I’m grateful for new and old friends! I am glad Rich and I have been hanging out with a lot more people and I am settling into the ‘burbs. Also, I’m thankful my friends who I know will always be there are always there when I need them. 🙂

5. This Sunday is the one year anniversary of my Mom passing away. Even though she’s gone and I miss her dearly, I am so lucky to have all of the qualities she instilled in me, the great memories and my Dad to keep me living half full. I’m lucky!

Can you tell where I get my looks?


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  1. No comment. Just smiles.

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