Mid-Week Check-Up

I’m happy to say I have now officially been to the gym four days in a row and am on my way to reaching my weekly goals!

I am also happy to say that working out after work has become a habit and something I look forward to. Today when I got busy at work, the only thing keeping me going was the ability to let it all go at the gym!

Another thing that made me happy today? My dinner!

As Rich handed me my dinner tonight he said to me, "my one goal in cooking is to make things that make the blog." I should have taken a picture of the egg sandwiches he's been making me the past two mornings. Maybe tomorrow if he makes one, HINT HINT! 🙂

Rich made steak fajitas and a quesadilla for us to split. One thing he did was substitute sour cream for cottage cheese to save some fat and calories. I was opposed at first, but it actually was a good substitute! I am so proud!

I’m also proud of my crafting skills! Did you notice my Christmas Tree centerpiece in the back?

These were so easy! I took foam cones, wrapped them in yarn, secured the yarn with hot glue and glued a bow on top. Voila!

That quote I posted yesterday? Totally true! Getting back to working out regularly has given me more energy, put me in a better mode and helped me sleep better! I am loving it! 🙂

Have a good night!

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