The Weekend

This weekend we road tripped to Michigan to visit my Dad. The weekend was filled with lots of Michigan goodness. 🙂

We ate a lot…

Tim Horton's donuts and coffee! YUM!

We played a lot…

My little buddy Zachary!

Zachary and Rich are buddies too!

We drank a little…

Sanders is an amazing Detroit area chocolate maker, they paired with Detroit Brewing Company to make this stout-YUM!

We played some more…

Hey Caleb!

And we celebrated…

I can feel the love! 🙂

Today is the one year anniversary of my Mom passing away. I can’t believe all that has happened in the past year! It has been hard, but today it was really easy to look around and see all of the amazing people and love in my life. I am lucky and was lucky to have known my Mom! I miss her, but I know she would want me look on the bright side! 🙂

Finally, we got a little more eating done at Zingerman’s Roadhouse! YUM!

Walk through!

Rich got the pulled beef sandwich and I got pulled pork. We split some mashed potatoes, which were to die for!

As you can see we had a whirlwind weekend but it was so much fun! Now we’re back home and I am so happy we went to Michigan! It’s always great to see family and friends and this weekend I definitely felt the love. The plan tonight was to put up our Christmas tree, but that will have to wait until tomorrow night. I’m spent, time for bed!


3 responses to “The Weekend

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I’m glad you are able to be surrounded by so many loving family members during this time, I’m sure it is tough, but I’m glad you are able to stay so strong and positive girl. Can’t wait to see pics of your Christmas tree..we finally put ours up too! 😀

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