Friday Friends

Now that my tree is up, it seems as if the Holiday season is in full swing! This week was filled with parties and not a lot of working out, but I am making the best of it and enjoying it! In the meantime, there are lots of great Holiday tips out there this week!

N Her Shoes’s tips for making balanced choices at holiday parties. Check it out, there are some good ones!

Peanut Butter Finger’s reasons why working out is good for you! This post makes me want to get to the gym in the morning!

On Tap for Today’s great post makes me rethink my “wait until after New Year’s” goals and makes me want to start today!

I’m off to make some dinner with my recently engaged, marathon partner in crime Denise and her fiancé Jeremy! On the menu is baked Bree, Chicken Piccata and whatever Denise brings for dessert! I’ll share recipes tomorrow!

Enjoy your Friday!




4 responses to “Friday Friends

  1. YAY! Isn’t it funny how putting up the tree can make it officially feel like Christmas?? We set up ours last week, and now my roomies and I are in full christmas spirit! 🙂

  2. Love your tree!! & YAY for fun parties & get togethers! How fun!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks! It was a good weekend, post to come soon!

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