Jingle Bell 5K 2011

On Saturday I ran the Jingle Bell 5K in Chicago with my friend Cassie! It was her first 5K and I was happy to sign up with her. Over the summer when I was training, she was a great running buddy during my weekday runs.

Friday night, we stayed in and fueled up with carbs (and a few glasses of wine) while resting and watching some cheesy Christmas movies to get us in the spirit. (including, 12 Dates of Christmas that Cassie taped off ABC Family, so cheesy and perfect!)

When we woke up on Saturday there was a little surprise…


Looks like a White Christmas run! We had a quick bite to eat, filled up our coffee mugs and headed on our way.


We missed the pre-race packet pick-up, so we planned on picking up our packets then bringing them back to Cassie’s apartment because lives only a few blocks away from the start. We weren’t sure there was gear check, but there was so we sat in the Nature Museum for warmth, drank our coffee and watched the crowd gather.


About 20 minutes before the start, we decided to go outside so we could get used to the cold.


We walked a bit and by the time we were ready to start we were all warm! I was a little nervous about what to wear but my new Lululemon tech fleece leggings (review to follow!) kept my legs warm and my tech t-shirt, windbreaker, gloves and hat kept my upper half just warm enough! The 20 degree rule worked!





We took a few pictures, and we were off! The run went well! We decided beforehand to run the first mile at a good “warm up pace” and push the next 2 miles and then gun it at the very end. Cassie did great! She had not run longer than 2 miles, so after about 2 miles she wanted to take a walking break. I wouldn’t let her and she pushed through! (with a little Bloody Mary promise to motivate) When we got to the 3 mile mark, we took off!

We finished the race in 33:26.1, with an average pace of 10:46. I’m happy with this pace! This was Cassie’s longest run to date and both of our first time running in the snow! After this race, I think it’s safe to say I can run through the winter. Bring it on!


After the race, as promised, we purchased some Bloody Mary mix after the race and toasted Cassie’s first 5K! Also, we each had a spinach and feta croissant from Red Hen Bread. Yum!

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