Friday Friends

Does any one feel as checked out for 2011 as I do? I am ready for the new year and new motivation! But first, some relaxation, family and friend time! Tomorrow is my last (half) day of work for 2011, Christmas in Chicago and then to my hometown in Michigan on Monday for a whole week! Then it’s back for some 2012 goals and plans!

For now, I’m learning from Leah’s reasons to stop thinking about holiday weight gain.

Ali, thank you for helping me to remember why it’s ok to indulge during the Holidays!

Just incase I over indulge, Stephanie’s post reminds me not to become a bad version of Beyonce. She cracks me up!

In the meantime, I can relate to Sarah’s holiday away from home. This will be my first Christmas not in Michigan!

But, Molly’s recipe for Bloody Mary’s has me thinking of a new Christmas morning tradition. Yum, I can’t wait!

For the next week or so posts will be sporadic! (does this word remind anyone else of Clueless?) I’m doing something very uncharacteristic of myself and not setting goals this week, letting myself rest, relax and enjoy! I think this is how this season is supposed to be spent, so here I go!

Happy Holidays to all!!!


3 responses to “Friday Friends

  1. Happy Holidays to you too girl!! 🙂 ❤

  2. How was the new bloody mary tradition??

  3. A fail! I started my weekend off with beer on Friday and drank wine pretty much for the entirety of Christmas Eve and Christmas, so that was a win! Booze always wins!

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