Christmas Marathon

The past several days have been a whirlwind, but I had a few spare moments so I decided to share my Christmas marathon so far!

Friday I had a half day so I used my time wisely and used the second half of my day to finish my Christmas shopping. My mission was accomplished by 8:00pm!

Cheers to Christmas!

After I finished my shopping, we went out with some friends for some Christmas beers.

Christmas eve was spent wrapping presents, crafting and cooking Wigila.

As part of Rich’s Christmas gifts, I got some pictures from his Europe trip in 2009 printed and framed them. I hung them with some pictures of my various Europe trips over the years. I hung them in our dining room. He loved it!

My Christmas Eve project!

Rich and I hosted his parents and his brother for our first Christmas Eve! Wigilia is the Polish Christmas celebrating, consisting of a meat-free meal of odd number of courses and many other small traditions. I was worried about the timing, but everything turned out perfectly! I served appetizers (baked brie, olives and shrimp cocktail), mushroom soup as the first course and salmon, green beans, perogies and nalesinki (Polish crepes) as our entree. Everyone liked it! 🙂

Housewives are too busy to take pictures!

Apparently I was too busy to take pictures because I was too busy hosting. I must say, I am proud of myself for everything turning out and the timing going off without an error!

A new Christmas Eve tradition!

After the family left, Rich and I decorated our stockings. We decided to make new stockings every year and to continue this tradition with our family throughout the years! I think it will be fun to look back!


On Christmas morning, it appeared that Santa had visited us! We attended mass, then came home and Rich made us a Christmas breakfast. Again, I was too busy to take many pictures!

Present time!

After breakfast, Rich and I exchanged our presents and relaxed for a bit. Then, we headed to his parents for a delicious Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas!

We had prime rib, and once again I was too busy to take pictures!

After dinner, we headed to our friends’ for a White Elephant gift exchange! It is a tradition that our group of friends’ have. It was my first time going and it was a blast! The coolest part was the fact that they collected $10 for each person to donate to charity. Numbers 1-3 of the gift exchange got together and decided where the money would go, how cool! The least cool part was my gift, a bacon tie. It is in Illinois right now so I Googled to find a picture to share.

MMmmmm bacon!


Christmas night I was absolutely exhausted and tried so I tried to go to bed early. I had to be up early to catch the Megabus (or so I thought), but after a minor train mishap I ended up booking an Amtrak ticket and taking the train to Michigan. It was a bit frustrating, but I made it home in time to have dinner with my Dad and then get some sleep finally!

Yesterday I spent the day with my Maid of Honor. We went to breakfast at Rebecca’s (a hometown favorite), then to the mall to purchase some boots on sale for $25 and Jessica Simpson Rockin’ Curvy Booty Jeans (my new favorite!), the florist to work on wedding flowers and finally to Downtown Detroit for the Little Cesar’s Pizza Bowl to see my Alma Mater Western Michigan play Purdue.

The Yzerman and the Slim Shady

We headed to Rub BBQ for pre-game festivities. My friend (and MOH) Stephanie and I split the Yzerman and the Slim Shady. I also had 2 Bell’s Christmas Ales, yum!!!

Go Broncos!!!

The game was fun despite a loss by the Broncos. I still cheered for them! Now it’s time to prepare for my annual Dirty Santa gift exchanged with some of my best friends from high school. December goal check-in and more Christmas recaps to come!

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