Daddy Daughter Date

Tonight my Dad and I went to Ann Arbor for a daddy daughter date! First, we went to Zingerman’s Deli for dinner.

The deli counter!

Zingerman’s has a large presence in Ann Arbor and have several stores in town. Their focus is on having the best quality of everything, which is hard to argue with! They make everything in-house and source from local farms in the area. In the deli they offer a large variety of speciality items-it was fun to look around!

Check out this massive selection of Olive Oils!

I ordered the “Yes I can!” which was grilled Amish chicken breast, Wisconsin Muenster cheese, roasted red pepper sauce & lettuce on grilled sourdough bread. It came with a garlic pickle (they offered garlic or “cucumbery” as a choice). I also ordered a cup of matzo ball soup! I ate half of my sandwich and saved the other half for Rich. He’s on his way driving to Michigan and has always wanted to try Zingerman’s deli, so I thought I would share! (built-in portion control!)


I also had some delicious diet cherry soda. Zingerman’s serves Boylan’s Fountain Soda, which is 100% natural and uses only cane sugar. I tried the regular soda and it was absolutely amazing! I don’t usually drink pop unless I am at a restaurant, but this really looked good to me, and it was!

How cute is this soda fountain?

Pre-game treat!

On our way out I couldn’t help but order a Mint Cosmic Cake, which was described as “two thin chocolate cake layers, sandwiched with special butter cream fillings, and then bathed in crisp, intense dark chocolate.” It was delicious!

I ate my Cosmic Cake on the way to Crisler Arena where we watched the Michigan Wolverine’s play Penn State in basketball. My Dad has had Michigan Football tickets for almost 70 years (they were my Grandpa’s), and this year he got basketball tickets as well. It was a fun game! (and we won!)

Check out this view!

All in all it was a great night spent with my Dad! I usually run around with friends and family and don’t often get to spend an entire evening with my Dad-so I’m glad I did! 🙂


2 responses to “Daddy Daughter Date

  1. We actually went to Zingerman’s when we visited our friends that live in Ann Arbor! I remember thinking it was awesome 🙂

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