Wedding Wednesday

Now that all the big logistical items are done for the wedding, I am gathering all my inspiration to finish up the small details! For now, it seems like a hurry up and wait situation, so I am enjoying not having a lot to do. Meanwhile, I am focusing on getting in shape!

Eight months from this past Monday I want to be in the best shape of my life! Yes, I want to look good in my dress. But also, I want to feel 100% my best. So, I’m committed to making it happen.

One thing I have been doing is track my food and workouts on My Fitness Pal. It is an awesome tool which I would suggest to anyone looking to lose or maintain weight.

Another thing I have been doing is try to figure out my workout schedule. Next week, I start half marathon training and I want to be able to fit in some strength training as well. I am trying to be realistic and not beat myself up over it. The point is to stay motivated, enjoy working out and use it as a stress relief.

So the plan is as simple as this-stay committed, focus on my goals and enjoy the process! I want this to be my lifestyle so I can commit to it for life!

I plan on sharing my process more in the next week or so-for now, I am just laying the groundwork.


4 responses to “Wedding Wednesday

  1. That picture is hilarious. Especially since I think that bride might have a dress on very similar to mine.

    It’s so nice that you have the big details squared away and a little bit of quiet before the mad rush of all those things you are waiting on now!

    Do you like to do strength in the gym, or use DVDs at home?

    • Oh how funny! Do you do weights in your dress? 😉

      I prefer to do strength at the gym, but am still trying to get into a consistent routine. When I joined my gym in October, I used my free training sessions to have a 30 minute, full body toning routine made for me. The program the trainer made for me uses the TRX a lot and I love it! I plan on doing it tonight. 🙂

  2. With your determination I’m sure you will be BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day girl!

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