Take Time Tuesday

Today, I’m grateful that I’ve seen results! I’m a firm believer that if you put in the work, you will see results. This week proves that!

source via Pintrest

First, I have been tracking every bite and sip that goes into my mouth since last Monday on My Fitness Pal (highly recommended). I have already lost four pounds!

source via Pintrest

Second, I planned on my half marathon training and got in my first workout! Three miles on the treadmill felt great.

In addition, I’m thankful for the fact that my routine is finally sticking. My fiancé and I have figured out our schedules so we can both work out, eat dinner together and both have time to get a full night’s sleep and relax. I also set up a mobile hotspot so I can blog during my commute, I am loving it!!!

Happy Tuesday! Remember to take time to be grateful today, there’s always something!


6 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. If I did not commute I would not blog as much! I have a wifi card that I use. It saves me a lot of time. Although I seem to be getting on the computer more at home too.

    Good for you on the weight-loss and getting a routine down!

  2. That’s awesome you can blog during your commute!!! Woohoo!!

    And I love that quote about your body keeping track, especially since I get a little too anal about my food tracking sometimes.

    Happy tuesday!

  3. So glad you hear that your hard working is paying off! YAY!! You go girl! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Alicia! It’s definitely keeping me motivated!

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