Wedding Wednesday

As I said last week, my wedding planning is somewhat at a standstill. Most of the big stuff is out of the way so I am using this time to relax and gather my inspiration for the small stuff. Several people have told me I am “way ahead” and that I am the “most organized bride they have ever met,” so I thought I would share some of organizational tactics I have used so far.

First and foremost, set a budget. I used a tool from The Knot to figure out ballpark figures and then went from there. With each and every step I have been tracking quoted and paid amounts on an Excel spreadsheet. It’s definitely helping me keep my budget in mind!

Second of all, make a list. I used The Knot and Real Simple’s Ultimate Planning Checklist as my guide. I also have used friends and family who have gone through the wedding planning process as resources in timing things out.

Third, keep everything in one place. I purchased a binder in the beginning of my planning process to use to file everything and have been printing out all contracts to file away. (I knew Rich loved me enough to marry me when he took me to three office stores to find the perfect planner). Also, I have a wedding file in my email so all correspondence with vendors is kept together. This has worked so far.

Fourth, don’t stress on the timeline. I have done some things ahead of time and some behind. They still get done.

Finally, have fun and decide what’s important to you! I am really focused on the details. Now that all the logistics are basically planned, I am using my time to gather inspiration. I read several wedding blogs that fit my style to gather inspiration and pin everything to Pintrest to keep in one place.

A few of the wedding blogs I read are:
Ruffled Blog
Green Wedding Shoes
Wedding Chicks
Once Wed
Style Me Pretty

These are just a few of the ways I have used to stay organized. Wedding planning is a huge process, and with over 220 people invited to my wedding, it’s a huge undertaking. But, I’ve found if I stay organized I do not get overwhelmed! It may be my OCD personality, but I think that taking one thing at a time and staying organized is the key to staying stress free. Don’t quote me on this, but the process has been keeping me from going to crazy so far!


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  1. maybe the fifth thing you can do is learn how to spell fourth 🙂

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