Take Time Tuesday

This week has once again been a crazy one already! However, after the prep work I did this weekend and my motivation to not let what happened last week happen again, this week is going much more smoothly!

Without further adieu, this week I am grateful for:

Welcome back!

Getting back in the swing of working out! After my run today, I will have gotten three workouts in so far this week! (I promise, if I don’t run I will go back and edit this part of my post)

Done in 5 minutes flat!

All the meal prep has paid off! I have had zero “meal planning” stress this week since I planned everything out. Meals are quick and easy!

Most of all, I’m grateful for the fact that this weekend I get to spend some time watching the sport I love with some of my closest friends!

Now if only this week would fly by! Here’s hoping!

Share with me, what are you grateful for this Tuesday?


2 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. YAYY!! I can’t wait to road trip and do healthy eating with you! We WILL have a good eating weekend!

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