Take Time Tuesday

Here are some things that I am loving this week:

Green Monsters!!! I have a slight obsession!

-The six pairs of Lululemon crops I got at the Lululemon Chicago Warehouse Sale on Sunday! The pants were down to $29 because it was the last day and my size was buy one get one free. SCORE!

-Seeing some my best friends this past weekend!

-And this video. So funny!

Happy Tuesday! What are you grateful for this week?


6 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. I was bummed I could not go to the Lululemon sale (was out of town). My coach worked it and said it was crazy. Did you have fun?!

  2. There was a lulu warehouse sale?! GAAAAGH! How did i miss this?! So bummed! But I’m glad you scored some awesome gear! And I *love* that video! Hilarious!!!

  3. Hahahaha that video is awesome!!!! It drives me crazy when people have the elliptical on level one and go so fast it makes the machine rock. I know EXACTLY What she means!

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