February Goals

In January, I set goals for the month and goals for the year. While I didn’t do perfectly, I do feel like I worked hard to meet these goals! Usually, the goals I set are lofty and more often than not I do not achieve them. I think this is just my perfectionism at work, but I don’t mind it because I think it makes me work harder! 🙂

And now, for my February goals:


-Do one long run outside per week (4 total)

-Do weights 2x/week and as much cross training as possible

– Keep tracking what I eat

-Address and send my save the dates by 3/2

-Finally, lose four pounds!!! This will be half a pound more than in January. I just need to step it up a bit to reach this goal!

I think that’s enough for one month! I am working on making goals that are a little more attainable so I don’t get overwhelmed. With seven months (tomorrow!!!) until my wedding, I know that if I put too much on my plate I will get overwhelmed! (and that usually backfires)

Question: Do you tend to set lofty or attainable goals? Do you set rewards for yourself? Deadlines? Any goal setting strategies that work well for you? Please share!!!


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