Go Picnic!

You know the feeling at the end of a busy work day where you are mentally exhausted, starving and can’t wait to get home? Well that’s how I felt today. So, I decided to tackle one thing at a time and put some food in my stomach on the train ride home!

After wandering around the train station for a bit with a hummus craving, I finally stumbled upon a Go Picnic! Actually, I had read about Go Picnic before and completely forgot about them until I saw them today.

The box I chose was the Crackers and Hummus box which includes crackers, hummus, a fruit and nut mix, dry roasted edamame and a square of dark chocolate. It had 25g Protein, 12g Fiber and 400 calories for the entire box.
Let’s take a look inside…

Open Sesame!

The packaging of the Go Picnic box is really cool and well thought out. I’ll be the first to admit, I am a sucker for marketing and the $5.00 price tag is a little steep, but in a pinch I would much rather choose this as opposed to chips or candy.

See? Sucker for Marketing! Don't mind if I do!

Sanity in a tube!

One thing that freaked me out was the fact that the hummus did not need to be refrigerated. In fact, none of the Go Picnic boxes do. (even the ones with meat) I give them credit for putting together meal replacement boxes that do not need to be refrigerated that are so health conscious.

More fun packaging!

I ate the crackers and hummus and saved the other three snacks-roasted edamame, a fruit and nut mix and a square of dark chocolate-for another time. I call this, stretching my budget. Only $2.50 per snack!!! 🙂

Saving these for later!

Sodoku Break!

All in all, I would buy a Go Picnic box again because I feel good eating it (yes, it’s the marketing talking), the good nutrition facts and also because of the amazing packaging! I think these would be fun to take on road trips. (especially with kids!)

Another reason why I saved these snacks? Because a 400 calorie “snack” would put me way over budget on calories today, especially when I have half of this beauty to eat later!

Oh La La!

Rich has been sick this week and requested chocolate, so I am being a thoughtful fiancĂ© and bringing him home half a Crumbs cupcake! Is it rude to bring someone a gift and expect them to share? I think not, especially when I consider the fact that he’s lucky it makes it all the way home!

Something fun about Crumbs I thought I would share is their mission statement from their website. “At Crumbs Bake Shop, we believe in celebrating the simple everyday things in life. In a world where we move too fast, a cupcake is the exception. They add something so small, and so needed to our lives. Maybe what they really do is remind us that the best things in life really are so simple and easy.” (Hey, Crumbs! We’re on the same page in life-sponsor my blog!) I love it!

Also on the agenda? Broke Ass Wild Wings for dinner, meal planning for the weekend and next week, getting our February calendar in order (a day late), new 30 Rock episodes and an early bedtime!

Have a great Thursday night!


2 responses to “Go Picnic!

  1. I’ve never heard of those picnic boxes! I think that’s SO cool!!!! I love those nutritional stats, I can see why you felt good about eating it! (I don’t think it’s ALL marketing!)

  2. Ha! Not 100%, but the pretty packaging helps sooo much!!! 🙂

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