Friday Friends

Happy Friday!


I throughly enjoyed sitting on my couch tonight! I also made a fabulous meal-seared ahi tuna steak with spinach, mushrooms and avocado! I will share the recipe tomorrow. For now, here are some great posts that I read this week!

I love Cadice Kumai aka “The Stiletto Chef.” I especially love her positive attitude-take a glimpse at this great post, “Less Talking, More Doing!

Lately I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with how busy I am, but I have been doing my best. These great tips from Theodora were just what I needed to read today!

I love reading books on happiness! I think that they are great reminders of how to keep my positive attitude in check. This book that Rachel Wilkerson reviewed this week has been adding to my “must read soon” list!

Finally, I am drooling over this dessert at How Sweet Eats…YUM!

I hope you had fabulous Friday! Mine will end soon, I’m pooped!!!


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