Valentine’s Saturday

Today was an absolutely fabulous Saturday! It was busy, relaxing, productive and fun!!!

My day started off around 9:00am, which is sleeping in by three hours for me and I loved it! I even had time to relax and have a cup of coffee before Rich and I headed to the city for the day!

My day in the city started off with brunch with my friend Cassie at 2 Sparrows!


No brunch is complete without cocktails in my opinion! Mine was a St. Germain cocktail made with St.Germain and Prosecco and Cassie had a Mimosa. Yum!


To eat I had a Pork Belly sandwich. I absolutely love pork belly (it’s like bacon on crack), and I like to order it at restaurants because it’s hard to make at home. It’s a huge splurge, but the portion was small so I was able to enjoy without feeling overindulgent. Something not lacking in size was the four huge tater tots that came with my sandwich. Check out these bad boys!

After brunch, I headed to Streets of London Salon to have my hair done by my hair stylist, Lisa! I love her and I have kept going back to her even though I moved out to the suburbs. I like having my city days and I love the way she does my hair!

After my hair appointment, Rich and I stopped by and said hi to some of his friends and then stopped in at Orange Beautiful to look at invitations. We had stopped in this store before, and I LOVED their work! Today, I talked to a graphic designer and got the ball rolling. I have a really good feeling about them for my invitations. I love that I can get 100% custom made invitations at an affordable price. That’s very important to me!


Then, Rich and I went to one of our favorite places to eat in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Crisp. Crisp has amazing korean style barbecue. We used to love eating there when I lived in the city and actually went there on our very first “real date!”


We love Crisp not only for their amazing food but their affordable prices. We got the meal deal which included a FULL chicken with two sauce options (we got the Crisp BBQ and Seoul Sassy), two sides (we got fried mushrooms and fries) and two drinks. It was a lot of food, which was great because we had lots of leftovers!


Winner winner, chicken dinner!


Our sides!


After dinner, we got some ice cream at Bobtail. I loved Bobtail way too much when I lived in the city. It is SO GOOD!

We left the city stuffed, satisfied and happy! On our way home, we ran some errands. These errands included some browsing at the Container Store, some shopping at Trader Joe’s (to stock up on wine and Luna bars!) and a quick trip to Target (for beer and cuticle cream, great end to date night huh?).

Then we headed home and I completed a huge task- I finished our guest list database!!! What is this you ask? A huge Excel file that has our guest list with addresses, totals and lists galore. I am so relieved to have this done. Now, I can start addressing the save the dates and reach my goal!

So, now you can see why I am so exhausted. Thanks for listening to my rant! I hope you had a fabulous Saturday. Tomorrow, I am ready for church, a workout and some productivity to get ready for the week. And of course, some more relaxing!



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