Wedding Wednesday

Over the weekend, Rich and I made a quick stop at Orange Beautiful to inquire about invitations. Orange Beautiful is a small studio that creates custom invitations and other paper goods. We had been there once before to browse right after we got engaged while visiting two of Rich’s groomsman’s apartment nearby. This time, I was more serious and talked to a graphic artist to talk about my vision for invitations.

Overall, I am really really excited about this process! I have been searching and searching for invitations and haven’t found any I absolutely love. For me, out of the whole process, the invitations are the most important wedding aspect so far. I am someone who is very attentive to details, so these small things are huge to me!  I will most likely be getting all of my paper goods (invitations, programs, etc.) from the studio so this is something that will carry a theme throughout the wedding. So, now that I have the ball rolling on the invitations, I am looking forward to going through the design process!

Here are some invitations ideas that I have collected over the past few months to inspire the process.

I love kraft paper!

I saw these invitations by Elum this past Summer at Elizabeth Grace. I liked them, but I was not in love!

I love the design of these!

From Aprilink on Etsy

I love these details!

Another cute choice on Etsy from Hello Ten Fold

I love my Valentine!

While we were waiting to speak to someone about the invitations, Rich and I looked at Valentine’s and I told Rich that I would buy myself this card if I could buy myself a Valentine. Apparently, while I was into the process of talking about invitations, he slipped the girl money and bought me the card! He’s a keeper! 🙂

I hope you enjoy hearing about my wedding planning process! It’s a tedious one, and I am enjoying being able to share it on the blog.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. I really like the one from Etsy.

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