Friday Friends

Happy Weekend!

So far my weekend has been a good one! Last night I had a great movie date with my bridesmaid and marathon running friend Denise! (see her on the right!)


We started out the night with some appetizers and a few glasses of Moscato. Denise made amazing, healthy coconut shrimp. (here’s the recipe, I made her share for the blog!) We also snacked on some hummus and pita bread.


Of course, wedding talk happened! I shared my “master list” that I created this past week. It’s pretty overwhelming, but I am glad to have Denise to go through this process with! (her wedding is 3 weeks after mine)


Then we headed to the Arlington Theatre to see The Vow! The theatre was cute and the movie was pretty cute as well. I’m glad I saw it, but I wouldn’t say it was amazing. I liked the plot, it was an interesting concept and of course I loved the Chicago screenshots! I love watching movies filmed in Chicago! It makes me happy to see all of the places I’ve lived and worked on film. It makes me reflect on where I have been. 🙂

All in all it was the perfect end to my week! Now I have three more days to enjoy and I plan on doing a lot of lounging! Also, lot of productivity and organizing will happen as well. I plan on making headway with my save the dates. Wish me luck!


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