Goals, Revisited

For the past few months I have discussing my half marathon training plan.(discussed here, here, here, here) Or, lack there of training plan if we’re being realistic. To tell you the truth? I am just not into it!

According to my Garmin, my last run outside was outside was on January 22nd. That is just under a month ago. Am I ashamed to admit this? Not really, because I am taking this and learning from it!

The reason I signed up for the Chi Town Half Marathon on 4/1/12 was to hold myself accountable to stay in shape and run through the Winter. For Christmas, I asked for Winter running gear, got my Yaxtrax  and was ready to beat the Winter! Then, we had the most mild Winter I have ever experienced in Chicago and I have only gotten to used the Yaxtrax once to date. (by the way, I loved it, it was awesome and I felt invincible)

When I ran my first half marathon (Chicago Rock’n’Roll 2009), I had endless motivation. To me, running a half marathon was something I thought I could never do in my life and this pushed me to work hard. I was the same way with my full marathon. Now? I’m just not into it.

I signed for my first half marathon in 2009 to hold myself accountable for staying in shape, to give myself a goal with a deadline and to accomplish something on my own. I was used to having a team of 20 other synchronized skaters to hold me accountable for my workouts. After college, I needed something large enough to hold myself accountable. That’s when I found running.

Now, there are many reasons why I haven’t been into my half marathon training. These include my workload at work, commuting schedule, adjusting to living with my fiancé, planning my wedding, my social life and many other reasons I could list. But the overlying factor is this: I’m lacking passion.

At the beginning of the year, I posted a lofty list of goals for 2012. Now we’re about two months in and I am focusing in on my goals. Last year I accomplished a lot for me-I ran my first full marathon, got a huge promotion at work, got engaged and made the move to the suburbs to start my life with my fiancé. I think it’s taken about two months to realize how much I accomplished and how much different things really are.

In yoga on Sunday, I was surrounded by women who seem to live a healthy lifestyle effortlessly. That’s the type of life I want to live and being around these women really made think about what I want out of life, especially this year. This year is the year I get married, and while Rich and I are making many positive changes to get healthier, we have a long way to go. We are just about at six months to our wedding and there is a lot we want to accomplish.

So what does this have to do with my half marathon training plan? Absolutely nothing. But it has everything to do with the new goal that I am going to work towards. Running a PR 5K at the Race to Wrigley 5K on 4/15!

This is a goal that I will share with my fiancé, because it’s Rich’s first 5K. He has just completed Couch to 5K  week one and I couldn’t be prouder. Seeing him put this work in has really inspired me and has made me reflect back on my first 5K (the Race to Wrigley in 2009). If I want to be in the best shape of my life when we get married in September, I need to push myself to my limits and test my limits. So on 4/15-I will run a PR. I will prove to myself how far I have come with running as a catalyst and prove to myself that my healthy lifestyle is here to stay.

Now that is something I am passionate about. Bring it on 2012!



9 responses to “Goals, Revisited

  1. I just took a look at my own lofty 2012 goals yesterday. I feel the same way you do. My motivation just has not been what it has been in the past in terms of training. It’s hard to fit everything in and my life is much crazier than it was when I was really passionate about running. That being said, I love your goal to set a new 5K PR. I’ve never run the Race to Wrigley but I hear it’s a good race! I’ve got a couple 5K goals on my 2012 list of goals…Maybe I’ll join you! 🙂

    • Do it!!! It’s such a fun race. I did it in 2009. I feel you on life being crazy. There is just so much going on that I am just trying to keep consistent and be in a regular workout routine. No big races necessary this year I don’t think for me! Getting married is enough!

  2. WTG Rich on completing week 1 of C25K! That is some awesome motivation. I am excited to follow your 5K PR journey. I am trying to PR in the 5K too. This Sunday. Yikes!

    I want to live a effortless healthy life too. Or the appearance that it is effortless. How do those ladies do it? Like you, my motivation majorly comes and goes, but mostly in regards to my eating.

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