Wedding Wednesday

Today I’m sharing my approach to wedding planning. In the past, I’ve shared my tips for staying organized during this progress, but today I thought I would share my philosophy. Taking one thing at a time!

To be honest, this is somewhat a fiancé dictate. Through this process, Rich has been really good about keeping me in line. Within the first three days, I had already booked the church, venue and rehearsal dinner location. I also became very stressed and overwhelmed. From that point on, it was very clear, I had to take it one thing at a time!

Most girls dream about a huge, fairy tale wedding but in reality these things take a lot of effort to plan! Plus, there’s the budget. Imagine throwing a dinner party for ten, now imagine that times twenty. Also, trying to do this with as least money as possible. That’s what I am working with!

It’s hard not to get overwhelmed, but I have been forcing myself to take things one thing at a time.

This week I’ve done the following:
-order stamps for the save the dates
-sign up for our Pre Cana retreat weekend at church
-start addressing the save the dates
-sent my shower and bridesmaid guest list to my Aunts and MOH

These things weren’t overwhelming when done one by one. But, it all adds up. And just like anything else, just take steps forward and eventually you’ll get there!

So, if you are married, what type of wedding planning philosophy did you have? Or if you aren’t married, how do you tackle overwhelming tasks?


10 responses to “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Yay for getting things crossed off your list! Wedding planning can be sooo stressful and overwhelming, but the nice that is that it’ll ALL be worth it once your big day is here! 😀 Hang in there girl!

  2. I’m not married, and don’t plan to in the near future, but my roommate last year spent 9 months planning her wedding, and it was hard to watch! She was also working and in grad school, and she ended up getting shingles not once, but twice! It seems so stressful to me that i dread it!! It’s important to always take care of yourself first!!

    • Oh my gosh!! Yes, it’s a lot of work. I am constantly referring to wedding planning as my second job. It IS fun, but it’s also a lot of work on top of my already busy schedule. Oh well, when the day comes it’ll be all worth it! 🙂

  3. Taking things one at a time, and having a HUGE list is the way to do it!

    I was in college when we planned our wedding, so my husband planned most of it. No joke. He made a spreadsheet and timeline and figured it all out. I was responsibile for my dress and the cake tasting 🙂

  4. Here’s my two cents- I work in business, so I had a spreadsheet and took a project management approach- deadlines and everything 🙂 That way, I knew what was complete and what we still had left to do- and it worked! That being said, my other advice to enjoy the ride- you only (hopefully!) get to go through this once!

  5. Save the hassle and money and just elope. 🙂

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