Weekly Workout Recap 2/19-2/25

With the month coming to and end, I am finally getting my motivation back! Taking the pressure off of myself to train for the Chi Town Half Marathon actually helped! Here’s a recap of my week.

Sunday- 75 minute yoga class, loved this class! I would definitely like to go again soon. It was a great start to my week!

Monday- 3 mile run outside-felt good! It was a beautiful day, I had the day off work and I was happy to be outside running. I must remember this feeling!

Tuesday-13 miles on the stationary bike at level 5 in 22 minutes. I wanted to do something quick to loosen up my legs. I was more sore after this than running!

Wednesday- Off, went to mass for Ash Wednesday

Thursday-15 minute “Skinnygirl Workout” yoga-loved this DVD! I wanted to do something but was feeling run down. For being only 15 minutes, this workout really felt like an actual workout.


Saturday- 30 minutes or so full body strength training (free weights) and 2 mile interval run. I was sprinting up

A pretty good week if I do say so myself! I am hopeful that this motivation will carry me through to March. Wish me luck!

So, what has been motivating you lately? Do you work best under pressure, under a lot of pressure, or with no pressure? Share please!


6 responses to “Weekly Workout Recap 2/19-2/25

  1. I might check out this skinny girl yoga! i am in desperate need of a yoga video i can do in the mornings. The pressure for me to get in shape so i don’t die in a marathon is ON!

  2. So you are not running the Chi Town Half Marathon?

  3. That is an awesome week! You go girl! I work best NOT under pressure. I think? I don’t know 😉

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