Take Time Tuesday

Today was a typical Tuesday! Work was busy and went by fast, I got in a quick workout and ate a quick dinner and now I’m relaxing on the couch watching last night’s Pretty Little Liars and catching up on blogging.

Here are a few things I’m taking time to appreciate today!

Our save the dates went out today! This is a huge step in wedding planning and I am so happy to have this done. There is a lot to do still but I think I am pacing well (can you tell I work in sales?) and I am staying productive while not getting overwhelmed.


Luna bars! They are my favorite go-to snack lately. I like to stock up at them Trader Joe’s because they sell them for only 99 cents. My future in-laws were there this past weekend and picked them up for me. I am stocked for awhile! Yum!


I’m grateful for the library! This weekend Rich and I went to the library and got good old fashioned library cards. I checked out a few books (I originally had 12 but cut back) and am currently reading The Nine Rooms of Happiness by Self editor in chief Lucy Danziger. The chapters are short and I have been reading one per night before bed. I am enjoying it!

via Pintrest

Speaking of before bed, I am grateful for sleep! This week I am making it my top priority to go to bed on time every night. This is something I struggle with but know I need to make a priority. It helps my appetite, energy, focus and so much more!

What’s one thing your grateful for this week?


7 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. I kept seeing that SELF book advertised in their magazine when they wrote it! So you recommend it?

    Have you tried the new Peanut Pretzel LUNA bar?!

  2. I am greatful for my soda stream! Somehow, it is just making my life better.

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